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Backups to DVD under CentOS 3 May 2007

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Did a full backup of the server last night in anticipation of installing VMware today.

First I had to install the dvd tools.

sudo yum install dvd+rw-tools

Then I did a made a temporary directory and did a full tar to it,

mkdir /tmp/backup.20070502

sudo tar cvzf /tmp/backup.20070502/all.tgz --exclude /tmp --exclude /sys --exclude /proc / > /tmp/backup.20070502/all.list

checked the size to make sure it would fit on a DVD,

du -s -B 1048576 backup.20070502/

and copied it there.

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd -R -J -joliet-long /tmp/backup.20070502

After it was finished, I mounted the DVD,

mount /media/cdrecorder

and tested that I could read the files.

cat /media/cdrecorder/all.list

tar tvfz /media/cdrecorder/all.tgz