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Backups to DVD under CentOS 3 May 2007

Posted by Mark in Uncategorized.
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Did a full backup of the server last night in anticipation of installing VMware today.

First I had to install the dvd tools.

sudo yum install dvd+rw-tools

Then I did a made a temporary directory and did a full tar to it,

mkdir /tmp/backup.20070502

sudo tar cvzf /tmp/backup.20070502/all.tgz --exclude /tmp --exclude /sys --exclude /proc / > /tmp/backup.20070502/all.list

checked the size to make sure it would fit on a DVD,

du -s -B 1048576 backup.20070502/

and copied it there.

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd -R -J -joliet-long /tmp/backup.20070502

After it was finished, I mounted the DVD,

mount /media/cdrecorder

and tested that I could read the files.

cat /media/cdrecorder/all.list

tar tvfz /media/cdrecorder/all.tgz

April Windows Update Breaks File Sharing? 3 May 2007

Posted by Mark in Sytem Administration.
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One of my customers had file sharing break on a Windows XP machine. When trying to reach the share on itself (I would browse to Network Neighborhood, select the computer, and try to access its share), it would give an error message to the effect of “not enough server storage available”.

Using Event Viewer, I would find:

Event ID   : 2011
Source     : Srv
Description: The Server's configuration parameter "IRPStackSize" is too
             small for the server to use a local device. Please
             increase the value of this parameter.

Although the error bore some similarity to Microsoft KnowledgeBase article 177078, the solution was an inexact fit. After lots of fiddling with IRPStackSize values, and switching Symantec 10.1.x off and on, it started working again.

Here is my cry for help to the VT TechSupport email list to see if anyone else had seen it, and here is a speedy response.